Sunday, September 21, 2014

One question answered, one asked

I'll start by saying this is not the post I intended to write today.  I was "planning" on boasting about finishing my rug.  However that is not meant to be.  Instead I finally have the answer to why I despite, no loath, nope-- hate binding rugs!!

Let's start at the beginning shall we..... I found my sewing machine in the back of the upstairs closet.  

The fact that it was hiding should have been my first clue.   However I was still delusion enough to think I could quickly zigzag around my rug and be on my merry way.  Hrmpph ....... Yeah right.   

It started out fine.  I happilly pushed on the petal and it whirred right along. Well, for a minute. And then I could hear a bumping, clunk noise.  And then it stopped. Not the noise, the machine stopped.  Once I pryed it from the machine, this is what I found

What's up with that???  So I untangled the threads in the machine and re-threaded it.  Wheeeee, away I went again.......for about 4 inches.  Arrgghhhh!!!

This friggin happened about 6 more times before I finally..........finally got all the way around.  By then, naturally, I was "in a mood".  All the while muttering "this is why I hate binding rugs" -- over and over again as my blood pressure continued to rise.  

You would think this sad story might stop here.....but you would be wrong.  I grabbed the scissors to trim off the excess.....and since I was "in a mood", I was a little wild with the scissors AND.....

......I cut the last corner wrong.  WHY??  WHY???   

So this finally explains why I hate binding rugs.  But it raises a new question.  Why is my sewing machine doing that?  I have a lot of crafty followers -  HELP ME 

And more importantly "Why does my sewing machine hate me so much?"


  1. Do you keep your finger on both the top thread and bobbin thread when you first start to sew? Just pull them to the back, left side of the needle and hold for a couple of stitches

  2. As silly as it sounds, maybe it's not threaded properly or the bobbin isn't right. When I've had that problem and it's always one of those issues. I hate binding even when the machine is working properly.
    I don't know what's happened to the weekend. UGH! I haven't even pulled one loop. Sad.
    Hugs :)

  3. Is there an instruction booklet with the machine. I would take the thread totally off and rethread making sure to follow precisely the illustration for the particular machine you have. Also check that the bobbin is in properly and use a little scrap of fabric to check if your stitching is working better. It doesn't take much to bug up the system.
    Good luck.

  4. Well the wise ladies in the above comments said what I would do.
    How old is your needle?Does it need to be changed? I know I should know this but I don't, what do you mean you zig zag before you bind your rug? What does that mean, and you do that with your finished rug?
    I hope you get it fixed. Sewing machine problems always ruin my day.

  5. Why is your sewing machine so angry? Were you spending a lot of time with the iron?

  6. I agree with the ladies I know it's frustrating when your just trying to quickly sew something and the sewing machine is giving you a hard time. I try to get a piece of cotton material and test the machine after I thread it to see if the tent ion is right before I start sewing .

  7. It would be hard for me to make a suggestion without seeing the machine and that's not going to happen. Do you have a friend who does a lot of sewing who could help you? Or maybe someone who has a serger who could do the edges for you?
    Nothing worse than a darn machine that doesn't want to behave!

  8. Lauren has probably hit the nail on the head. First check the threading on top of the machine to make sure it is threaded properly. And, look to see if your bobbin is in so the thread goes clockwise (that is usually how my singer takes the bobbin". Then hand turn the wheel to pull the bobbin thread up to the top.

    Something that I always do too, to ensure the thread doesn't knot, is hold those two threads down behind the presser foot to be sure when the sewing starts it doesn't yank a thread below the fabric and start to knot.

    Good luck. And, FYI, I also hate binding.


  9. Is this a good time to tell you that I love binding rugs? :)

  10. the same thing happens to me lord I hate it! I hope things will start to go better soon

  11. Sewing machines...hmmm...I don't even own one. My Mom and sis are fabulous at, I think when the sewing talent was being handed out I'm betting I thought they said "rowing" and moved to another talent line. I hope you find out the problem quick!

  12. My sewing machine resides in the attic, need I say more...