Friday, September 12, 2014

Laundry and Chardonnay

Yay, it's Friday.  But sadly I am celebrating with a load of laundry and a glass of Chardonnay.   Woohoo, what a party girl!!  
I tried to write posts all week but nothing worthy seemed to happen.  I did come into possession of another giant zucchini so I see more shredding and baking in my future.  My thumb just healed from the last shred-fest!

The most exciting thing to happen all week was I discovered my new furnace actual works. It was cold enough Tuesday for the furnace to kick in.  I was momentarily excited and then realized that the expensive part of Fall was upon us.  Luckily it's warmed up since that one little chilly blip. 

Tomorrow I'm going to check out the antique stores again.  I'm moving the bookshelf out of the kitchen and into the basement for storage and I need a small table or kitchen cart type piece to replace it.  

Oh, and here is a bit of info to share.  If you have an e-reader like a kindle or similar device you should check out Bookbub.  It's free to sign up and you select the types of books you like to read and everyday you get an email with suggestions to download.  Every day at least a couple are free or up to $2.99.  I've discovered several good books to add.  It's a great and inexpensive way to fill up on books .   Even if you find 1 a week that interests you, it's worth it for free.  


  1. Giant zucchini are totally post-worthy!

  2. Sounds like a good weekend. I just reading about your life in your house. It sounds so wonderful. Have fun antiquing.

  3. I've been doing bookbub for at least a year. I've read more books this way instead of the library. And I don't have to leave the house.

  4. I like book bub too! I love the free books. I love my ipad I am always checking out e books from the library. Kim you are so lucky to have cooler weather ahead were having a heat wave .Have a fun weekend you Susie homemaker, hugs cheri

  5. My laundry is caught up and my choice of white is Chardonnay also. Enjoy your weekend.


  6. TGIF! I to did laundry and the dish washer is going right now but no wine in site. Antiquing sounds very good, I refuse to turn the heat on we have been pretty low in the mornings like low 40's I tell David to put more clothes on me well I am still having hot flashes now and then so I just wait a few minutes and I am good:)

  7. I did laundry but I didn't even had a Chardonnay to sip. I didn't even had a big zucchini to celebrate, lol... instead I went to bed right after supper as I was totally tired and slept till it was midnight and now I'm wide awake.
    Good luck with antiquing. I hope you find just the perfect piece.

  8. I'll have to check out bookbub, thanks!