Sunday, June 22, 2014

Is it lucky?

I've always heard this was a lucky sign.  Part of me hopes it really is true......the other part of me just thinks it's gross

Yes, this afternoon while sitting poolside at a friends house, some rude bird decided to relieve itself ......on my foot!  I am grateful it was just my foot and not my head.  But still, who wants bird shit on any part of them?    I am continuing to tell myself it's a lucky sign.  (If you know different, please don't burst my bubble). Lol 

There has been lots going on but not blog appropriate so for now I will just show you my little finished chair pad.  

"Strawberries To Go" is a Red House Wool Studio pattern.  It just love the little hanging strawberries.  I also have a 2nd chair pad hooked but not bound so I'll share that one when it's finished.  

Summer is here and tomorrow night is my last evening meeting until September.   Eeeeeeee - happy dance!  

Hopefully soon I'll be able to share more exciting news.  (And hopefully it's not related to bird poop)


  1. Oh I love your chair pad! and sitting by the pool sounds heavenly. buy a lottery ticket you never know.
    have a great week!

  2. The chair pad is beautiful!
    Once many years ago while sunbathing I had a plop in my straight from the beauty parlor hairdo. YUCK!

  3. You are such a tease!!!
    Love your little hooked mat. You have been busy.
    I've been pooped upon twice ~ both on my head. Can you say disgusting???
    Hugs :)

  4. Suspense! My brother got pooped on a couple months ago and we all tried to assure him that it was good luck!

  5. I just love your sense of humor!!! Hope you get this message -- I will stay tuned for more updates, as always!

  6. You made me LAUGH! Hahaha! That's what THEY say.... Adorable chair pad.

  7. So nice to see you post. I really like that chair pad. It is nice to see you hooking. I really hate when birds do that. I think they do it for fun. I do hope it brings you good luck though.

  8. Hi Kim, you sure were chosen by that bird so maybe it's lucky. Let's hope so.
    I love your little strawberry chair pad.

    I wonder what's wrong with Bloglovin, I'm only getting one blog post at a time on my Blog Reader. I have to go look in each blog to see if they posted. Very time consuming. I was wondering if others had the same thing.


  9. LOL Oh Kim! I do hope it brings you luck. I don't recall any lucky things after it happened to me. And I had an ITALIAN bird poop on me, in Rome. That was over 30 years ago. And a few months before that in Utah a bird swooped down and grabbed a bunch of my hair and took off. lol That smarted a bit.

    I love your chair pad.

    Oh speaking of might want to check out my blog in the next few days. :)

    Take care, Janet W

  10. I do hope the little gift from above brings you some luck.

  11. Chair pad turned out darling! Got my interest up with "not blog appropriate"!

  12. When I used to walk in the evenings I got pooped on a couple of times. As far as luck goes I think I might have needed a bigger bird! Your chair pad is sweet! I hope your luck is on it's way!

  13. Well, my dog vomited on my foot this morning. :)

    The chair pad is very sweet!