Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The good old days??

Well girls and boys, I am officially on a 5 day stay-cation.  I practically sprinted out of the office at 4pm. 

I went out to the store after supper and this little excursion spawned this post.  Remember the good old days before we were controlled by technology?  There were no cell phones.  How did we stand it when we couldn't make or receive a phone call anywhere??  And worse, if you are like me and have a smart phone, how did we cope when we couldn't read an email on our phone or (gasp) check out what is happening on facebook from anywhere??  Or the worst....not know immediately when someone has commented on our blogs!   The horror!!!!   Worse thought, before there was internet and blogs.........Can you imagine the sadness in a blog-free world?  (Too terrible to think about)

And remember when we had to carry a large enough quantity of cash to purchase what you need.  There were no debit cards or cash machines open 24 hours a day and on every corner.  We had to get ourselves to the actual bank, before 3pm when they used to close, and withdraw enough cash to survive until the next time you were forced to stand in a get your own money!

I rarely have more than $40 cash in my purse.  Tonight I had $20.  I went to Walmart to buy dog treats.  That's all.  Well, I walked in and cases of pop were on sale.  Hmmm, I should pick some up since I'm here.  Then I took a short cut through the cereal aisle on my way to the dog treat destination.  That is when things really started to unravel.  I saw a box of Captain Crunch.  Mmmm, that would be good.  I wanted it.  And then my friend Kim (Farm Girl's) last comment came into my mind.  She told me I should eat whatever I wanted on vacation.   So I grabbed the Captain Crunch, all the while very pleased with myself.  

Slippery slope ladies.  Then I spied those yummy sugar waffle cones for ice cream and some caramel sundae syrup.....Grabbed that too.  Salt and Vinegar potato chips.......Yep!  Eventually got to the dog treats but by then I was too far gone on the "spoil myself binge".   Wandered down another aisle and spied these cute little pink and brown leopard print undies.   Well, had to have those!   Oh, and last week I bought a bottle of Oil of Olay face cream but Auntie stole it, so I had to get another (to keep my girly complexion in tact)

When I finally got to the cashier we got into this discussion about how bad it was in the good old days when you needed a wallet full of cash to shop.  I told her I had just come in for dog treats!   She looked at my 4 bags full of stuff and burst out laughing!

So the point of all this is it is Farm Girl's fault but I am happily listening to my friend and eating whatever I want on vacation!! 

Tomorrow I am going to take a quick trip to Moncton to look at crafty supplies and go have lunch.  It will be my little me-time break.   Maybe I might find an idea for a soon to be announced giveaway......


  1. Hi Kim, great post, loved it, to funny. Enjoy all your treats, lifes to short not to eat what you like on vacation.Have a wonderful day tomorrow,Blessings Francine.

  2. I have done the exact same thing - Oh I know what you did and that feeling. Have fun on vacation. sandie

  3. Hey no fair, I didn't know you were going to go crazy. Okay, now that you have you have to have fun and just have a nice vacation eating yummy things. I love Captain Crunch but haven't eaten it in years. Ditto ice cream cones.
    Have fun buying crafty things, Gosh you made me laugh.

  4. Fun post! The same thing happens to me each time I go to the grocery store for milk. I come home with several bags of things I want but don't need. I feel the same way about Lucky Charms as you feel about Capt Crunch. :-)

  5. I'm such a non-techie as far as phones go. I have a simple flip phone..horrible at checking any one calls me anyway..not allowed one in the OR...all the excuses. I love having a cell when I'm on call though. I remember the not so good 'ol days when my beeper would go off I would have to scramble to find a phone booth (like superman) or ask at a store to use a phone..or not go anywhere at all while on call. I do love blogging but I wasn't sitting at a computer back then and I was thinner...made eating whatever I wanted on vacation much easier! So enjoy this nice, eat and have fun! (and enjoy your phone too!) P.S...please don't text, talk, or check emails while driving.

  6. Kim ~
    You always bring a smile to my face! Enjoy your stay-cation ~ sounds heavenly to me.
    I think you owe Farm Girl a great big thank you and a box of Captain Crunch!
    Pug hugs :)

  7. All this technology stuff drives me nuts! Can't stand it when people are shopping and talking on their phones. I have seen couples dining out and both are texting other people or checking their emails and such instead of paying attention to the one they are with! Rude!

    My bank closes at 2:30! It's hard to get to but I like this bank so I won't switch. I remember standing in line to get money at the ATM.

    I've done the same thing while shopping myself! Go in for one thing and come out with an entire shopping cart full! lol

    Have fun on your staycation!

  8. You are so right go to the store for one thing and walk out with twenty!!

  9. Funny! Enjoy your vacation! Sounds like you've bought all the snacks that I would buy too! Mebbe I'd switch Cookie Crisp for the captain crunch though... but, captain crunch is peanut butter flavored, no? lol! I just might stop at Walmart on my way into work to pick up some breakfast... ;-) Your plans for today sound perfect! Enjoy!

  10. I have often had this conversation - how did we survive without these items that supposedly we can't live without now?! We went everywhere with a dime (later a quarter) in our pockets in case we needed to use a payphone; now we can't move from one room to another without the cellphone or the world might come to an end! LOL!!

    Your picture cartoon reminded me of my kids when they were little. They asked me what movies Grandma rented for me when I was a little girl, and I had to tell them we didn't have DVD's and VCR's when I was a kid. The look on their faces! You'd have thought I was a dinosaur!! Thanks for that memory today, it made me smile. Have a blessed day.

  11. I think we all shop this way. Rarely do I stick to my list. ENJOY every moment of your vacay.

  12. Crafty supplies?!?! Hmmm...considering how you did at Walmart, I am going to guess 8 bags!

  13. I think a stay vacation is most of the time better than going away. Enjoy your week and eat away!

  14. Pink and brown leopard print undies????? HELLO!!! :o) Robin