Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Butterfly Day

Today was a special day.  A day to spend with wonderful friends to celebrate all things butterfly and all that represents for us.  Four years ago today I lost a great friend to cancer. 

Every August 14th friends and family gather at his parents house for a "celebration".  It is exactly the kind of thing he would love.  After his death, his young daughters declared that he was now a butterfly. That idea has stuck with all of us.    Butterfly everything has been exchanged back and forth.  

A few months ago, for my birthday, I received the most special gift.  It was a butterfly house for my yard.

What made it more special was that it was a "true family" gift.  This house was given to me by Tim's sister, constructed by Tim's father and painted by his mother.    I just simply love it and all that it represents.

Delicate little forget-me-nots painted along the sides.

A resident of the house perhaps.....
I love sitting out on the back deck and looking at this house. 

As each year passes we share more laughs than tears on August 14th.  We sat around in the sun, and watched the children in the pool, while the adults had a few refreshments.  Even Sasha the dog got worn out from all the people.


  1. oh tim is happy watching you all from above! what a special gettogether for you all. so nice to take the time to remember together. love the butterfly house such a perfect gift! enjoy your evening kim!

  2. I'm so sorry about the loss of your friend Kim but that is a wonderful tribute to him getting together and celebrating the butterfly! I love the butterfly house! It is absolutely beautiful! They did a fantastic job in the making of it and painting of it! I love butterflies!

  3. Kim, what a beautiful gift and beautiful tribute that you all come together to remember a loved one. My mother passed away two years ago in August of cancer and my grandmother passed years before in August of cancer as well. Everytime we saw a butterfly my mom would say, "there's grandma, coming to say hello". She would always mail me gifts with butterflys included. It seems just like yesterday, but I have such fond memories and anytime I see a butterfly or two I think of them both coming by to check up on things and say hello. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Such a wonderful way to remember your friend. It is nice there is laughter now I am sure your friend would love to hear the sound of laughter.

  5. Kim ~
    What a beautiful tribute to your friend and a gift that is truly from the heart.
    Hugs to you :)
    Is that Tim's sister with you?

  6. I love your story - a great way to remember a friend each year, and celebrate their life. The gift - so thoughtful and so full of meaning. How perfect, how precious. Enjoy the day.

  7. A very beautiful tribute for your friend Tim. He lives on in the heart of all those who loved him.

  8. I love that you, as well his friends and family still gather to celebrate his life. What a wonderful way to honor him.

  9. Kim, what a wonderful tradition! I love that you all do this every year - and that butterfly house is beautiful!

  10. So glad you had a good day. Very nice pictures of a good day. I still really like that butterfly house.
    I think it is so nice you have each other to spend time with on this day.

  11. I remember your last year's post about your friend and this tradition. It is wonderful to read that, with each passing year, more tears are turned to laughter. I'm sure that makes Tim heart smile. Beautiful butterfly house - what a thoughtful and meaningful gift. And, hey - I recognize that cutie behind the shades! ;o) Smiles & Butterfly Hugs ~ Robin

  12. Kim your post is deeply touching. The butterfly connection, the tradition of celebration, both are deeply moving. Having lost friends in the same way your words echo within my heart and mind.

    After reading your words, this (below) was on the screen almost before I realized I'd written it. Being one of those who takes stock in signs, "words that flow spontaneously" & indicators, (as you know from your visit & thank you for your wonderful comment :-)I thought I'd leave it (below) for you to read. *(if you choose not to retain it as a posted comment I won't be at all in any way offended as I thought to delete it myself, then it struck me as better to leave that to your choosing Hugs, Issy

    Strength, Loyalty, Honor, Love.

    These you gave these you were gifted. Shared between you and bravely so, thru it all. And for a time afterward there was naught to do but withdraw, wrapped in your memories, & weep.

    But a different time arrives, when it is right for you & for those who knew and loved and lost to gently gather the pieces of your shattered hearts. Emerging as a butterfly from the cocoon of your rightful sadness.

    And when that time arrives, in the days and weeks and years which follow each upon the next, think of him as a monarch butterfly, following the receeding waves of an eastern sea, tide heading outward. No longer near, no longer on your shore and yet not gone from you.

    Think of him, wings extended in the sun, floating above the breezes born of the gentle waves. He, chasing the breeze as the tide chases the moon ~ he remains part of you...

    Cocoon to butterfly, high tide to low, love shared. Each tho altered by nature and time remains, ever-more. In that truth lies the seed that grows to become the moment when his life is no longer counted as lost, but instead, can be counted as a celebration...

  13. Hello Kim, that is so lovely, such a great celebration, pure and simple. Nature in a way has a great healing power, wonderful pictures. Blessings Francine.

  14. How wonderful is that. The pain of his loss brings everyone together for a celebration of his life! I'm sure he's smiling from heaven on all of you!

  15. What a beautiful way to spend the day remembering!

  16. Lovely gift and such a beautiful way to remember such a dear friend!

  17. Kim, what a lovely way to remember such a dear friend. A birthday gift given by loving hearts is truly a special gift. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. Hugs, Julie.

  18. Friends are so important in our life that they should be on a type of geneology chart like family. How wonderful to remember a good friend with love and laughter. I love the butterfly house too. Great gift!