Sunday, May 6, 2012

Random Ramblings

Another pic-less post from me.  Sorry.  Today my bare legs got reaquainted with the sun.  It was warm enough to get out the cropped jeans.  I did notice the seasonal closet gremlins were at work again.  They seem to sneak in and shrink all the pants in the closet.  It's just mean and un-fair.  I laid down - I inhaled deeply - and I zipped them up.   Hahaha - take that!

The traditional sunday dinner took a little detour tonight.  The thought of peeling veggies, cooking some kind of meat etc was just too much.  I dialed 7 magic numbers and Chinese food appeared.  What a concept!

Apparently the "5 second" rule has actually been studied by some scientist.  So now you can all rest easy - if a cookie falls on the floor and you can grab it before the dog does - it's OK to eat it.  I found this to be extremly valuable information, as well as a sound use of research dollars.

I have been hearing about this new book "Fifty Shades of Grey".  It is supposedly the summer beach book of the year.  It is also referred to by some critics and media as "Mommy Porn".   If I'm not a Mommy and I read it - Is it just Porn?   I downloaded it.  (blush)

Only 2 episodes of Desperate Housewives left.  Better get the snacks ready.


  1. I think it is two hours tonight! sandie

  2. You are so funny. I never knew that was what happened in the closet. I am so glad you told me. Thankfully though I didn't have to lay on the bed this spring like all of the others in times past.
    I am glad you got to be out in the sunshine today. I always think that being in the sun just cures everything. :)
    I hope you have a lovely week, have fun watching the show. I read about that book but I guess it didn't catch my attention, you will have to tell me about it. :) I had never heard of that category of books before. I thought that meant romance novels. :)

  3. I never get the chance to put the 5 second rule into practice...Lucy is faster than that.

  4. Kim ~
    That damn little gremlin visited me, too!
    Hugs :)

  5. I was wrong - I think it was just one hour. lol sandie

  6. I hope you didn't eat that cookie wearing those pants... ;-0 You make me laugh and that is good yet I am laughing with you not at you. I could dial any numbers annit won't matter...nothin out here in the boonies cept Granmaw who will feed anybody who stops over. My dogs are faster than me an their old too! Have ah great week ahead! Um I found when I turned a certain age elastic became my friend. Jist sayin.

  7. You gave me a chuckle I am watching Sherlock Holmes tonight.
    I actually hooked tonight ..almost done...Cheri

  8. Gremlins-so funny! They made their way to my closet too.
    But I quit laying on the bed to zip any pair of pants.
    I'd rather wear a moo-moo than suffer with tight jeans!
    Oh boy, am I getting old, or what?

  9. I think your gremlins got in my closet too. They have worn out the seams on all my pants all 3 of them. And shrunk them. And made my shirts unwearable in public. Then they take all my money so I can't buy new clothes. What's with these little critters??

    Princess Downy is not doing her 'watch-dog' duties. lol

    I like camp and cottage living's moo moo idea. Nice, baggie,cool and comfy. Been a while since I have had one.

    Have a wonderful day.
    Take care, Janet W

  10. Never thought it would happenI went to elastic too in my old age.
    At my house the gremlins put food stains on the front of my shirts! They are such busy little bad guys!
    Have a good week!!!

  11. I've heard of that book too. I can't wait to read it!!!oh, I have the same gremlins living in my closet too!

  12. lol! Closet gremlins! :-) They visit here too! I spent most of yesterday in the sun and fresh air.... it really is the best medicine... along with some chocolate! :-) And, I'm never one to turn down chinese food... or pasta... or mexican... maybe I am my own gremlin? lol!

  13. I know the gremlin has visited my closet and I'm afraid to even try to get the things over my hips!! I saw that book yesterday at the bookstore, but didn't check it out. Now, I'll have too! Hee, hee! I love how you make Sunday dinner!

  14. Kim, now I understand why you didn't had pictures with today's post. How can you take pictures of gremlins when you can't catch them in the act. I never could either but I know that they're there in my closet too.

    I left a bag of Jalapeno cheddar chips by my computer last night and I finished it just so the gremlins didn't get any.

    I like your idea of 7 magic numbers for Chinese food. That works for me.

    When I think of fifty Shade of Grey I think of wool of course. hahaha. I'm pathetic I know.

    Hope your Monday is a smooth one. Hugs. JB

  15. I just hate it when clothes shrink. Hope they get back to normal soon.

  16. Oh gosh, my gremlins have been working overtime in my closet! Have a great day.

  17. glad you made it home..always nice to sleep in your own bed where you know its nice and clean and comfy! i use only knitted wash cloths love them. i havent made them in awhile but my mom does. they are also such a great gift idea. enjoy your day!!

  18. Those darn gremlins never seem to know when to give us a break.
    I think we all have them. Can not tell you how many times I have laid down and zipped. I think I may be reaching the age where I should just buy the elastic ones and forget the laying down because who knows at my age if I will get back up again.
    Would love to know if you like the new book that everyone is talking about. Is it worth the money to read. hahaha....
    Let me know
    Love ya

  19. I miss our traditional Sunday dinners. They just don't seem to happen anymore. Thanks for the tip on the book!

  20. Please keep the gremlins in your closet, I recently evicted them from mine. Fifty Shades Of Grey? I have not heard of this book, might it be a bit to racy for a soon to be grandmother? LOL Gonna check it out. Time for DWTS!

  21. I got fried this weekend mowing the only way to get any sun at all any more! I don't usually burn but I did this time...ouch! I had great expectations about what I was having for Sunday dinner..only it didn't taste as good as I hoped..I hate when that happens, especially when time and effort are involved! I might have to resort to the phone myself next time! Have a good week!

  22. I have been waiting for that book to come into the store. I want to see what all the excitement is about.
    I have been baking all weekend here's to tight pants.

  23. Most of the book stores sell out of Fifty Shades of Grey before it even hits the shelves - not many available due to the publisher etc. And if you have it on your Kindle no one knows that you are reading it! Can't wait to hear what you think of it! :) Sad to see Desperate Housewives go. . . .

  24. Hope those gremlins don't cross any international borders, because, if I have to lay down to get my shorts zipped, I doubt I'll be making it back up these days....Luckily, it's been too chilly here yet to bother. Haven't heard of that book....Please do give us a review once you've read. Very glad to hear the 5 second rule is alive and well. There are few benefits to our pets getting older, but one is that our Shih Tzu is mostly blind and now I can finally beat him to the dropped cookies. ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin