Sunday, May 20, 2012

A bright beginning

The long weekend in May is the traditional start of summer around here.  And it couldn't have started out on a better foot. The weather was ideal and the smell of fresh cut grass and barbeques filled the neighborhood air.

Yesterday and today I got to enjoy some sun out on the deck.  I relaxed, read, and drank my morning coffee watching the birds zip around the birdhouse.  Nothing is better than starting the day like that.  It gives me that little bit of me-time that is kind of rare around here.  Plus I even got a little color on this pale skin. 

I have even managed to hook a fair amount this weekend.   This is just a sample.  I will show you the finished results soon.   I need to hook 6 squares before I can cut the fabric.  Three done, three to go.

I was still dreaming about that stupid scallop burger.  So, I decided to make my own.  (Its just not the same when someone doesn't serve it to you!)  I must say, it was tasty!  And I have enough scallops left to make another tomorrow ;)

The evening sky is pink so that means another great day tomorrow.  I'll meet you on the deck in the morning with a coffee.  Days off are fabulous!!


  1. Kim ~
    Sounds like your hooking mojo is back!
    Oh, that scallop burger looks right tasty.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. I am so glad you had a nice day and you got your scallop burger. I have to admit I have no clue what that would taste like. :)
    Your new rug looks great. I am so glad you have a whole day off tomorrow.
    Monday is already better. :)

  3.'s Victoria Day in those parts tomorrow, no? Hope you enjoy.....Our "summery" weather of the past two days (with horrendous winds, of course) took a turn for the nippy no color on this pale skin yet..... Even though I'm not a scallop fan, that burger does look pretty tasty....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Oooh, I can't wait to see how that one turns out!

  5. Oh sometimes I could spit nails when blogger messes me up. I had wrote you the longest and very nice sweet kind comment and just when I was going to sign my name it went to where ever blogger takes them from us. lol
    I was saying how much I love your piece with the gorgeous color of blue.
    I also was asking what time to set my alarm for in the morning so I could come by and sit with you.
    Also glad you made yourself one of those burgers. Your so funny. I love you girlfriend

  6. Enjoy your day tomorrow and your next burger too! Next weekend is our official kick off for summer..although the real reason is Memorial day and all the parades and cemetery ceremonies make me teary eyed! But I do enjoy that day off! We've had some super sunny and warm days here lately but Memorial day can traditionally be rainy around these parts. I hope the rain hits in the middle of the week and gives next weekend a rain free holiday. Enjoy your short week!

  7. YAYYYYY!! You got your burger. :)

    Can't wait to see your project all finished. It looks great already.

    Enjoy your days off. :)

    Take care, Janet W

  8. OK now Miss Kim, that scallop burger sure looks like it's something that I must try. Scallops sautee in butter and is that tarter sauce on your bun. I'd even try it with Hellman Mayonnaise.
    I'm a sucker for seafood and especially scallops.

    Now that little mat looks very Zenny. I love that blue color. 6 mats on the go is a great start.

    If I didn't had to work at the barn in the morning I'd go for coffee and a bite of that scallop burger on your sunny deck.

    Have a restful Victoria Day tomorrow.

    Love & hugs

  9. Woop technical difficulties for me too, lol.

    I will keep this one short. What cut are you working in?

  10. You sound a bit more relaxed with each post! This.... is a good thing! Glad you are getting some hooking in. Looks like a great start! That scallop burger looks yummy!

  11. so glad you got me time. The scallop burger looks great.
    our long weekend is next weekend. I have it off so I am looking forward to having some me time

  12. mmmmmmmm ... your Scallop burger looks yummy! That is one thing I do miss about New England ... this fish!
    We use to go to Plymouth, Ma. they had the best fish place right on the water ... you could smell the salt in the air! And here I am in no coast KY. Sometimes it worth the trade tho ... Your little mat looks interesting!
    Have a wonderful mini vacation!

  13. Kim that scallop burger looks deelicious! Glad you are relaxing!!

  14. Ohhhh... I do love scallops - never had them in a sandwich. I'll have to try that for sure! There's a restaurant here (Macaroni Grille) that has a wonderful salad with seared scallops that I love to make at home. It's a real favorite!
    I see your little doggie is back to normal - yay! Did you ever figure out what the deal was?

  15. Yes, you just described my favorite way to begin a day!

    Blessings, Debbie

  16. OMG...a scallop burger! How heavenly!