Saturday, May 5, 2012

Home again

I'm back home after my little work trip.  Just so you know, the hotel wasn't quite Norman Bates but still a little icky.   Did I mention there was no door on the bathroom??  Yeah, classy - just sayin.

Rebecca, my co-worker and I met for breakfast the next morning. Part way through breakfast (McDonald's bacon and egg biscuit) she says "I shouldn't tell you this, but when I went to bed last night I started thinking about bed bugs and couldn't sleep."   OMG, I did the same thing.  I got in bed, had that flash through my mind and then got all itchy!  By the way - there were none.  I checked.  

The mattress was like laying on marshmallows - too soft.  Between that and the bug thoughts, I didn't sleep well.  And in the morning my back was killing me from the mattress.  I took me several minutes to even get out of bed.  I must have looked like a 98 year old arthritic trying to get up.   So needless to say, we were both less than bright eyed and bushy tailed at breakfast. 

We did have a good day and a nice 3 hour drive home.  We were in the part of the province that is mainly agricultural.  So that meant lots of little farm markets and fruit and vegetable stands.  We stopped at several.  The highlight was finding the first batch of Spring Fiddlehead Greens.    I cooked them for tonight's supper with a piece of salmon.  Mmmmm, perfect.

I still haven't found my hooking mojo.  All I seem to do lately is knit.  I just packed up an order of cotton dishcloths.  I may find the strength later to list some on etsy.  I am missing the rug hooking, yet until you have that inspiration for a project you like, its a waste of time.  You will not like what you are doing and it will become another unfinished thing.  So for now its still knitting.    MOJO, where are you?


  1. Oooo, your dinner sounds lovely! The hotel, not so much! Glad you survived the "Flea-bag Motel"! Funny how we get on knitting...I see a connection forming here! LOL

  2. You sound just like me when I travel. lol
    Why we put ourselves through that is another matter. Not having a door to the bathroom seems a bit strange though.
    I am glad you made it home safe and sound and with no bugs tagging along.
    I have been thinking of you and wondering what you were up to. Oh I can not tell you how I wish you could teach me to knit. Always wanted to learn. I have crocheted years ago but knitting is something I only dream of doing.
    Sounds like you have your mojo just not in the rug area. lol
    Have a wonderful Sunday

  3. It will return you are just had so much on your plate. I am so glad you got to eat your fiddleheads. You know once you start thinking about bugs they will crawl on you all night. So creepy.
    I hope you have a nice Sunday. Hey at least you are still making things. :)

  4. Oh Kim, that motel with no bathroom door reminds me of a road trip we took many years ago when my Mom refused to pay more than $40 for a hotel room. I'll have to tell you about it sometime when I can use this keyboard without unexpected things happening.
    Glad you had an enjoyable trip home.
    The hooking mojo will return, honest!

  5. Kim ~
    Knitting mojo is better than no mojo!
    Glad you survived the no-tell motel! No bathroom door??? The good part is you weren't sharing a room!
    Hugs ;)

  6. You're so lucky you know how to knit. I have, very bad at it. I've never ate fiddleheads either. Have a great rest of your weekend!

  7. Ssonyour leg will start to ache and the longing for the comfort of rug hooking will come back!

  8. Perhaps your mojo and my mojo are off together somewhere in sleazy motel with no bathroom door??? ;o) (If they show up at your place, tell mine to get its little behind back to NOD PDQ!!!) I know what fiddleheads are, and I know people eat them....but I never have....and don't know if they can be found 'round here. Good, hey??? Wishing you a wonderful, bugfree, Sunday!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Oh dear Kim, WELCOME HOME...

    The spooky chipping paint, the laundry on the counter, no door on the bathroom and the fear of bed bugs, all this has the making of a good Twilight Zone movie, at least there was no corpse in the closet, lol... I'm glad that you both had something to drink and eat and I can imagine the giggles as you munched away. You both are great sports.

    At least you can appreciate you own bed tonight, wher the big bed bug is Millie, hahaha.

    With all the knitting you did, I think that you have knitting Mojo. Give hooking a rest for a while until the urge strikes again.

    Hugs, JB

  10. No bathroom door? Bedbugs?? Sounds like a hotel we stayed in one night on my mission trip last February. Luckily it was all just a bad night and no more. Critters did not come home with us and i hope not with you either! You'll have a greater appreciation for your own bed now! lol

  11. Welcome home Kim,

    Yuckie, bed bugs...I would have gone out and slept in the car had that thought come to me. lol

    I hope I didn't gross out you or anyone else with my comment on your last post. LOL I can't believe I wrote all than. I was disgusting.

    I have crocheted for years. But knitting I haven't really tried to learn. I cheat and use the knitting hoops with the pegs to knit hat and scarves. I'd love to learn with needles.

    Glad you are home. Have a great Sunday.

    Take care, Janet W

  12. So glad there were no little buggies! Glad you are home safe and sound.

  13. When a three hour drive is better than a night's sleep in a hotel---well, that's saying something about the hotel for sure. LOL I hate staying in hotels/motels. Another reason I don't travel much at all.

  14. Certainly not the Ritz Plaza - Glad you made it home!

  15. My Mojo is my garden getting it back in shape. I am glad your back home safe and secure. HUgs Cheri

  16. Hey there's nothing wrong with knitting! ;)

  17. I'm happy there were no bed bugs.
    I too have caught the knitting bug. I've made washcloths because I love to use them. With my hands it is so easy to wring them out. Knitted a purse and several scarves. I am now working on a project bag with the raspberry stitch. So much fun and sometimes so frustrating.
    I do have a hooking project I will start before long we have hook ins coming in June and Sept so need something to work on.

  18. I just had my first batch of fiddleheads yummy.
    I always check for bed bugs eck when we go to hotels.