Sunday, November 22, 2015

This, that and the other

This week was so jammed packed I don't know where to start.  I'll just hit the highlights. There were multiple work events, but only pictures of one.  Since 1971 Nova Scotia has donated a Christmas tree to the city of Boston as a thank you for the help they offered the province during the tragic Halifax Explosion of 1917.  
This 53 foot tree traveled through our town on its journey to Boston.  We hosted a little street party to bid the tree safe travels. Hot chocolate, Christmas carols and a few gifts for the staff travelling with the tree.  I'm anxious to watch the lighting ceremony on tv.  
I finished hooking another little mat since I had some room left on the end of a piece of linen.  It's a Bird In The Hand Primitive design.  Cute little mat for the holidays 
Now you know what's next?  The dreaded binding binge. I have a stack of 4 to bind.. I wonder what trauma the sewing machine has in store for me tonight.  I swear that machine hates me 
This sweet little face is looking up at me from my lap.  I do so love this little girl


  1. That is so cool about the tree, Kim! Yep it is a cute little face... :) Hope the binding goes well and the machine behaves!

  2. We watched a tree lighting in Faneuil Hall last nigh is that the one?
    your little Abbey looks like a love for sure.

  3. What a sweet little mat!
    How could you not love that darling face?
    Hugs :)

  4. That is a nice way to honor them for their help, it is a beautiful tree.
    Your mat is wonderful and perfect for Christmas.


  5. What an adorable mat! Do not show teach that machine who is the boss! LOL

  6. I think sewing machines know us that are not true sewers but just try to get by. I am fine until a bobin runs out and then it starts. I blame it on the cheap all plastic machines. But the time I waste on winding a bobin!

  7. Yeah! What Angela said....teach that machine who's boss. :)

    Love your Christmas mat. And I can just smell the pine smell of the Christmas tree. MMMMMMM love that smell.

    Sweet little Abby :)

    Have a great week, Janet W

  8. I am not in the Christmas mood that is until I smell pine from a live tree. So wonderful! Abby loves you too. You can see it in her face!

  9. I also know the frustration when sewing machines, sergers and computers don't work right. Hopefully all will go smoothly for you. I'm getting ready to prepare my Challenge rug for binding once off the computer.

    Great holiday mat and like the colors you chose. And mommy, I think your little Abby loves you too.

  10. Abby is the best! Such a sweet looking pup, enjoy that puppy stage as it goes by too quickly! I must admit to you that after following you with your Abby adventures, when my Sophie wants to snuggle up to me, I have learned to put aside my sewing & enjoy her snuggles because I have learned it doesn't come to often!!! Thanks for waking me up on this!!!!!

  11. Cute rug, cute Abby! Someone just gave me two of her rugs to bind. I would do yours if you were closer! :)

  12. Our pine trees have grown ginormous and the ones in front near the road had to be cut back for safety reasons...and they got butchered! Made me sad. I don't even own a sewing machine and what's even more funny is my Mom and Sis are expert sewing gals! I must have been in the wrong line when that talent was being handed out...and Abby is too cute! Chubbs is getting more and more used to living here...he's a sweetie!

  13. It looks like is been a busy time for you too this past week.. I'm not in Christmas mood yet some seeing the big tree on it's voyage must have spread some Christmas cheers in your town.

    I have a sewing machine that does give me some concerns once in a while just because I forget how to use it and have to refer to the operator's manuel. Then it all comes back to me until next time.

    The song that comes to me as I look at Abbey is " The Look of Love is in Your Eyes. She is cute and she knows she's love.

    Have a great day.

  14. Abby is so cute! That is a wonderful event your town does for friendship!

  15. *****we'll go and have a "toast" in your honor to welcome the tree here in
    boston! good luck with getting ready for the holidays! tom