Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It almost got ugly

I think I have mentioned here before that I am not really a lover of cats.  But to tell the absolute honest truth, I'm scared of them.  There I said it!  There is no rational logic - my grandmother was terrified of cats, so was my mother and guess what - me too.  And they can sense it, they stalk me.  Seriously!  Lol

So after work I stopped at a pet store to return something.  They have store kittens that free range around the store.  I'm trying to ignore it. And then it happened......... I'm just standing there, minding my own business when a rogue ninja kitten climbs up the back of my coat, past my neck and lands ON MY HEAD AND SECURED ITS POSITION ON MY SCALP WITH ITS CLAWS I swear it in 2 seconds it took for this to happen, my life flashed before my eyes!  Ok, you all know what happens next.  I freaked out  "get it off, get it off".   The clerk grabbed the kitten while I attempted to regain my composure.    Let's just say it took a few moments.  It's lucky the clerk was so close or there may have been a flying ninja kitten because I was close to flailing like a psycho.

Kim - 0  Ninja kitten - 1   I came home and had a drink before supper   


  1. Oh, Kim....LOL I don't really love cats or hate cats. They're okay, but have been known to turn vicious on a dime. I had a wild BABY kitty get in my house and hide under a chair. When I reached underneath, the BABY bit through my fingernail. Really, all the way through. Nope, not my favorite. Give me a big dog...at least I can see them coming. LOL

    So, will you be returning to that pet shop? LOL

  2. Your made me laugh, I could just picture that.
    I think your family's fear of them, carried through to you and cats are sneaky, lol.


  3. I'd much rather have a work dog, but unfortunately we have a work cat. In the summer he likes to glom on to my leg and he's been known to tear it to shreds. Yesterday he had a mouse and while the foreman was trying to get Sam and the mouse out of the building, he dropped the mouse and it darn near ran across my foot. To say I screamed like a girl is an understatement.
    I hope the drink helped ease your trauma.
    Hugs :)

  4. I join you in the cat realm. My hubby of 40 years now grew up with cats - never dogs. I was total opposite. So I go to his house the first time. Go in the kitchen door. The cat is up on top of the frig. As I walk by he jumps from there on top of my head! This story brings it back like it was yesterday. We are both laughing so hard right now. I totally get the fear. Now looking back its funny. It will be for you one day too!!!

  5. Even having had a cat for 14yrs I'm still more of a dog person. After Squeak died this summer I decided no more cats unless they live outdoors! We get our new pooch tomorrow! I hope he fits in and enjoys his new digs.

  6. Oh Kim :( I hope you are okay now.

    Sit with Abby and cuddle... that will make you feel better. :)

    Take care, Janet W

  7. So funny but not to you. Cat's and dogs know when people don't like them. I am more of a cat person than dogs but love them both. Abby will tell you everything will be okay and she will protect you!

  8. Wow, that was quite cat-astrophe. It was a good thing you had a full head of hair instead of having a bald head. I hope you the shop owner treated your wounds with some disinfectant right away.

    Cats have sharp claws and can inflict some nasty deep wounds. I know, I was clawed by a mother cat who was a mild cat when not in a protective mode. When I went to put drops in one of her kitten's eyes, the kitten screamed when I picked it up and she reacted as a protective mother would. I'm not afraid of cats but I'm more careful in that situation. I have 8 cats at the barn and I haven't seen any mice in a long time.

    Fear can be learned at a young age from parents.

    I hope Abbey could reassure you.

  9. Bet you were scared ****less. Can't imagine how fast your heart was beating and hope you don't have any infection resulting from the claw marks on your scalp.

    Julia certainly does have a way with words doesn't she.....cat-astrophe.

  10. I am glad that you had Abby to make you feel better. My grandmother didn't like cats either. Not me, I could easily be a crazy cat lady.
    I melt at any sign of a kitten, that one would have come home with me. :) I am glad you didn't turn into a kitten ninja. I wish I could have seen it. I never knew you didn't like cats.

  11. hehehe....sorry couldn't resist laughing a bit with reading your post! Thank you for the chuckle!!! I can't even imagine being scared or a cat or dog, but my son has a very mean cat, so I have an idea (I avoid that creature every chance I get)!! Hope that drink helped calm you down or a cuddle from Abby!!!

  12. I agree with your solution upon returning home. My cats have all been barn cats and without a barn, why have a cat? Hope what ever you drank had some kick in it!

  13. We are cat lovers here, but had a bit of a problem with a daughter's cat that liked to jump onto our backs if we were in the correct stance. We weren't too fond of that:-) xo Nellie

  14. Is there any store video of this?

  15. Cats seem to bring out intense emotions in people. They are either demons or little darlings, with not much in between.
    You already know I'm the Crazy Cat Lady. I didn't realize you were afraid of them. Geez, you probably have to take a tranquilizer before you read my blog! ha-ha!
    The kitten probably didn't have any devious intentions. They just like to climb, be it curtains, a tree, or a person.
    Still I can't imagine how terrifying it must have been for you.

  16. I know it is not funny to you but that is funny! That cat wanted your attention for sure.

  17. Oh my gosh Kim, you are so darn funny! I wish someone would have caught this on video! lol

  18. Kim, I feel your pain even though I am laughing.
    Sometimes cats go after the one person in the room who doesn't like them. Go fiquer!