Sunday, October 18, 2015

Trip Part 2 - Abby's Adventure

Since I was out of town Abby had a reservation at the "Duffy Puppy Palace and Spa".  (AKA my friend Sharon's house). While I knew Abby would be extremely well cared for, I was still a little nervous leaving my baby.  And I worried how she would do with the 2 other resident dogs and 2 cats.  Plus I was scared she might destroy my friends house.   But I dropped her off early Tuesday and she immediately was excited to see furry friends.  I can't say the Duffy dogs were as excited. Lol.  When I finally arrived in Halifax I checked for an update and saw this
Napping comfortably in Wayne's arms.  Apparently attempts to woo the other dogs wasn't succeeding so she moved on to the cat.  Here's the little mating dance
And not long after getting this picture I got this one.........
Sleeping with a cat!!  I guess you need to cooperate when there is only one lap and you both want it. 
She did learn one valuable lesson though - when you steal food from others dishes you get diarrhea.  The poor hotel concierge had a poopy bum to clean. 
 To say that Abby was spoiled in those few days would be an understatement. She was pampered like a princess, even sleeping in the bed with them.  And unless they are withholding information, it sounds like she was relatively well behaved.  At least until I arrived....  I was happy to hear she had NO accidents while I was gone. I was shocked but happy.  I was at the house for about 5 minutes chatting and packing up her stuff......and she peed on their carpet!  But we will just chalk that up to being so excited to see me :) I think she misses her furry little playmates but she's making sure I don't get too far out of sight this weekend.
So we both had a great week.  I'm very lucky to have great friends.  


  1. Sounds like Abby had a great time, glad you both had a great week. Blessings Francine.

  2. You previous post sounded like you were having a good time and I wondered about Abby. Looks like she was enjoying herself but I can see she's glad to be home!

  3. Sounds like Abby had fun. Love the picture of her with the cat!

  4. Sounds like Abby had fun. Love the picture of her with the cat!

  5. Great pictures. So happy she had fun at sleep away camp.
    The face of the dog with the suitcase looks a lot like my Ellie.
    Hugs :)

  6. Too cute! I'm glad you both had a good week.

    Have a great tomorrow.
    Take care, Janet W

  7. I'm glad Abby had good care while she was at your friend's house. It makes going away easier next time.

  8. Glad both you and Abby had an adventure. Am sure your friends took great care of her while you were gone but bet Abby is happy to have her mommy back. Welcome home.

  9. How nice she had a cat to get acquainted with. I love that picture. I am sure she did wonderful. I like how she is sticking close to you.
    She is so cute.

  10. I've been away a bit, too, so I'm behind on what's been happening! Sounds like everyone had a good time away!:-) xo

  11. Sounds like Abby had an adventure while you were away on yours. If she made friends with the cat then she is one smart puppy! I know she is glad to be home and close to you!

  12. Sounds like she had a great time and nice you have some place to take her and she is well cared for.

  13. What a fun time for her. It sounds like she is getting alot of puppy socialization.