Saturday, October 17, 2015

A tale of 2 trips -part 1

My absence this week is due to a business trip.  All week in the big city of Halifax.  I was looking forward to the conference as well as the drive there.  The trees are getting really pretty and the drive to Halifax should have been absolutely gorgeous.  Instead it was a wicked rain storm with fog. I found this photo on Google to give you an  idea of what I saw instead of beautiful fall leaves.  Pea soup!
I was so happy to arrive safe I rewarded myself once I checked into my hotel room :)
The conference was great and the food was fantastic.
One of my coworkers has been raving about this fru-fru fancy cupcake store she discovered on a previous trip.  So one afternoon we walked there.  Good grief!!  One cupcake was $3.75........
It was a good cupcake but not sure it was worth that much!  I was intrigued by this gorgeous cake in the window.  I'm sure based on the price of the cupcake that this cake cost $5,000. Lol. 
I'm happy to be home but tired out.   Stayed tuned for Part 2 tomorrow - Abby's adventure 


  1. I missed you gurlfren!!!!!!! Damn glad you made it safely out of that pea soup. I'd have been scared shitless. Hopefully Abby is a better newer version of herself instead of a POP...pissed off pup who tortures you for a while.
    HUGS and welcome home!!!!!

  2. I'm glad you made it home safely. I was supposed to drive to Bathurst this weekend and the event was cancelled so I stayed home instead. At least we didn't get snow like the weather forecast was predicting.

    Little Miss Abby must be happy to see you.

    Is there gold in that cupcake? OMG. $$

  3. WOW!! That's one expensive cupcake!

    Love that cake though. Sweet

    I wouldn't want to drive in that stuff. The mother nature needs to get with the program and get the weather right....pretty Fall leaves not pea soup.

    Glad you're back safe. Can't wait to hear about sweet Abby's adventure

    Take care, Janet W

  4. I am glad you had a good trip. Too bad about the rain. I can't wait to hear all about part 2

  5. Bless your heart and so glad you had a SAFE trip. Like you, prices make me catch my breath and I'm fairly sure I wouldn't have enjoyed that cupcake for close to $4. lol

  6. Good morning, Kim. Fog is no fun. In California, we have something called Tule Fog. It hits in the central valley and you see NOTHING! The schools will even push the start time to 9 or 10 so the buses don't have to drive in it. Glad you made it through safely. I would have went with the cheesecake, twice, and skipped the cupcake. LOL

  7. Welcome back to reality???
    Forget the cupcake...I'll take the cheesecake.
    I look forward to part deux.
    Hugs :)

  8. yumm but 3.75 is a bit much. I hope the ride home was better and you got to see the foliage.
    sounds like Miss Abbey had a great time.