Friday, January 2, 2015

Play to your strengths...

A lesson I learned during my room makeover.  Someone with no patience should not do fussy work.  I am not a painter.  Luckily there isn't a lot of light in this room.  Lol.  If you visit, don't look too close at the baseboards :(.  Five days of chaos. My house torn apart and piled up worse than when I moved.  But today I finished!  I put the new dining room back together and also the little kitchen nook was transformed.  

Here is the room before 

And here is my new dining room.  Minus the old wheat patterned wallpaper 

I really like it.  I need to find something to hang on the wall but that will come eventually.

And this area was were the old table was in the back of the kitchen.  Sorry, the only picture I had was when I was drying my duvet.  Lol

And now it's a cozy little reading/coffee/hooking area

Next project is to get rid of the border and those peach valances.  But I'm taking a break from projects for the next few days.  

It's a nice way to start a new year.  2014 was a wild ride for sure.  A huge loss and big changes for me.  But 2015 is looking good and I'm ready to see what's in store for me next. 

Thanks for coming along for the ride :)


  1. It looks like you have accomplished a lot! Looks great.
    New look and out look for a new year.

  2. Well worth the hard work!!! Love the little cozy room. Take it easy now, Blessings Francine.

  3. Great hooking area! Now you can be really creative.
    Hugs :)

  4. Great job!!! Love your dining room table and you should be proud -- your hard work has paid off!!! Wishing you a bright 2015!!!

  5. It looks great, Kim! I need to take a q-tip with some paint remover and "touch up" our baseboards/crown molding.:-) xo

  6. I love how it looks so much. You are doing such a nice job making it into a nice warm home.
    I like that color.
    A great start to 2015

  7. YAYYYYY !! It looks wonderful. Now yes do take a little break and enjoy it. Ya done good girl. :)

    Happy 2015

    Take care, Janet W

  8. A cracking job! its your place now!!

  9. Girlfriend u could tell horror stories of my painting adventures out here in the north forty.
    Glad you hung in there because you will really enjoy your pretty space.
    Sorry I haven't been a good blogging buddy. I do hope the new year brings me inspiration to write again.
    Happy New Year

  10. Absolutely awesome! You should be very proud of yourself for everything that you have accomplished! Your new home is sure looking cozy! Have a great evening relaxing and maybe pulling some loops... that's what that wall needs ya' know... a collage of hooked mats! :-)

  11. It looks great! A great way to start the New Year! You could alway hook a big rug to hang on the dining room wall! :)