Tuesday, December 30, 2014

More than I bargained for

If I could meet the inventor of wallpaper glue, I would wrap my hands around his throat and squeeze.......HARD.  When I started this project I thought it would take less than a day to get the wallpaper off and prep the wall and then another part of a day to paint.  Yeah, what a moron! 

It's almost the end of day 2 and there is still some wallpaper on the wall.  It was even hard to get the top part off, let alone the glued part.  You know how it feels when you grab a corner, pull, and a huge big strip comes off all at once.  Well, that did not happen ONE TIME.   Not one time!  It's coming off in little crappy pieces. 

I did take a break this afternoon because I wanted to try the test pot of paint I got to test the color.  I did one corner so I can put the China cabinet in place tomorrow.  I love the color.  This is just one coat

It's perfect!  Tomorrow I hope to have the rest of the paper removed.   I learned that wallpaper is not only a (b-word) to get off, it also hides a multitude of sins.  I found a couple of holes but I expertly filled them with filler.  I felt so handy! 

In other house news, I had a nice surprise this morning.  My Mom's cousin, the plumber arrived with a brand new submersible sump pump and installed it.  And while he was here he noticed my washer hose which I had "fixed" with wire and duct tape.  After he stopped laughing, he fixed that too.  

Ok, enough rest time, I think I have another hour of peeling left in me 


  1. Hi, Kim, If you have any more wallpaper to strip, it is well worth it to invest in a steamer. The new ones are so light weight and approx $50. Well worth it! I, too, wish I had discovered that *before* I had struggled to strip the paper.

  2. Oh nice to get the sump pump in and your wire thing a mi bobber fixed to by your cousin. Enjoy the rest Kim, Blessings Francine.

  3. Great news about the sump pump - and great to have that wire and duct tape eliminated.:-) Now - if someone could just come and work magic on removing that wall paper! Alas! I am not the one!:-) Removal of wall paper is very far down on my list of things that are fun. I would be taking LOTS of breaks.:-) xo Nellie

  4. I like the color that you painted. Yay for a new sump pump.
    I am rooting for you, I know your side will win against the wall paper. :)

  5. Like Melinda suggested, invest in a steamer if you have more paper to remove. Even after the paper is off, a really good scrubbing with TSP is needed. If their is paste residue, eventually the paint will begin to flake. I am speaking from experience!!!
    Yeah for a new sump pump and washer hose repair.
    Happy New Year.
    Hugs :)

  6. I don't envy you having to strip wallpaper! A steamer does work wonders. Yeah on a new sump pump!

    I thought the holidays would be difficult for you so glad to hear that you are tackling projects to make your house your home. I can't wait to see the "after" pictures!

  7. Yayyyyy! I'm glad that the sump pump is in and your washer part is fixed. :)

    I don't know a thing about removing wallpaper. I do know that you will get it done and with the new paint it will look great. I really like that color.

    So take a deep cleansing breath, walk up to that wall and tell it it's not going to win this one. :) Did I say that? Was that weird or what? lol Can't wait to see the finished look. :)

    Take care my friend...Janet W

  8. Like Melinda, too late I was going to suggest spending out on a small sized wallpaper steamer think mine was £29 last year. I found it invaluable taking off 1940s/11950s layers of wallpaper off although I got abit ambitious and it ended up steaming off the ancient ceiling paper too when I got too close to the tops of the walls lol So I ended up having to take that all off too in this one room.
    Im assuming you spray hot water onto the wallpaper and underneath areas before you attack it with a scraper? Just as aside and something I only learnt recently - the blue paint brush cleaner sold in The Range over here takes sticky things off windows and other surfaces. I wonder if that would help remove the sticky wallpaper underside too? Sprayed on? But protect the floor just in case it dissolves laminate or floorboards!!

  9. It is a pain now but just think of how nice it will be when finished! I like the color you picked out. Looking forward to seeing the finished look!

  10. Just think of the money you're saving by doing it yourself. I agree a steamer will make the job much quicker. I rented on from a rental firm and I didn't regretted it.
    The color is very nice. Yea for the new sum pump and the washer hose being fixed.
    Happy New Year's Eve and Happy New Year.

  11. I'm always saying that there is no such thing as a small project. Wallpaper is no fun and I hope the rest comes off better (I'm an optimist!) Glad you got that nice plumber surprise...a stripper cousin would be nice...wait! A wallpaper stripper I mean! Happy New Year!

  12. I have stripped a lot of wallpaper in my day. when we build this house we wallpapered but they told us to use sizing on the walls first that it would be easier to take off and boy were they right. we peeled the paper off in great sheet I had never had that happen before. Just think of how wonderful it will look after.
    Merry Christmas my sweet friend.

  13. that would happy New year I am a week late

  14. *****many years ago we restored an 18th century house with "tons" and i mean "tons" of wallpaper glued on like yours. after trying many different things we found that the best was to take a scraper and make slits in the
    paper followed by using a water spritzer to soak the stuff. finally it would come off...but i can still smell the wet paper and glue from so long ago. when finally done we were featured in colonial homes magazine...but i don't
    wish this project on anyone!!! good luck. tom