Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool?

April didn't come in with a Bang. It was more like a Poof. Like Poof - the lights went out! Mid afternoon the electricity went off and stayed off about 4 hours! The house was starting to get a little chilly. We live in a big old house (which is a nice way of saying "drafty old house")

It came back on around 7pm, just after I gathered up and lit all the candles. Of well, I was happy to hear the hum of the furnace. And happy to make hot tea for all of us. I wonder if NS Power Corp thought it was a fun April Fools prank? FYI - it wasn't !

I can't believe my mini vacation is almost over. I am extra-dreading tomorrow. That's the downside of having a good break.

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  1. I'm glad that you got your power back but 4 hours without power is very inconvenient unless you have a wood stove.It's good that it wasn't too cold.
    No fooling...

  2. Hi Kim,
    I know how you felt with the power off that long... the same thing happened here a day or two ago! I had a pan of B-B Que ribs in the oven and they were almost done when poof! Fortunately everything came back on in time for them to cook for supper! The house was pretty chilly too...
    Not a good thing in this part of the country at all!!
    I hope your shorter work week helps with the transition back to work!
    Those days off sure go by quickly don't they!!
    Blessings for a good week!
    Cathy G

  3. Glad the power came on and you're furnace is working! Brrr...What I don't understand is how come we never get any rate deduction for the time spent with no power. Once we went powerless for a full bill was the same! Hmmmm..

  4. hi kim! glad you had a nice Easter. and so sorry your mini vacation is coming to an end.. back to the real world huh! your rug is looking good! glad you make a little time for doing what you like! enjoy your evening...ive got dancing with the stars on but turning it to Dallas soon!

  5. My! Power outages are no fun!

    I'm glad you've enjoyed your mini-vacation. I send wishes to you for a good first day back to work!

  6. I am so glad that your heat is back on. I am sorry you have to go back to work again.
    I do hope you have had a nice day in spite of the power outage.

  7. I would not have made a good pioneer and I don't think you would have!
    Lucky you with a mini vacation. I was thrilled I had a 3 day weekend.
    Hugs :)

  8. Being without electricity for four hours, is three hours too long. I agree with Lauren, I would not have made a good pioneer woman.

    How did you learn rug hooking? I want to learn.

  9. Oh my, not good Kim, that is a long time without power,...nice you had a mini vacation though........Blessings Francine.

  10. lol... we had power go out around here for a time yesterday too... must be a power company prank conspiracy... Time away from the job always goes way too quickly...

  11. It is not good to be without power, especially when you aren't expecting it. At least, when you hear a storm is coming, you are a bit prepared. Sorry your vacation is coming to an end...guess it's time to start planning the next one!