Monday, October 8, 2012

Can they hear us?

Did you ever wonder if some our everyday big ticket items like cars or appliances can hear us when we talk? Think about it......doesn't it seem like whenever we talk about having a little extra money something big breaks?

I think they secretly listen and then when no one is around they decide whose turn it is to steal my money! Today, the dryer decided to stop working only minutes after I filled it with wet clothes. And calling a repair man on a holiday......suicide!

I called a few friends and then.....SUPERWOMAN (that's me in case you wondered) fixed it myself! Did you know there are 2 fuses for the dryer........not one, but two. Tah Dah! Fixed and no big bill. Hahaha appliances, I won that round.

Let that be a lesson to the rest of the appliances. Back off - my extra election money is mine!

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  1. You go, girlfriend! Congrats on your big fix!

  2. Oh, BTW ~
    I didn't even know a dryer had one fuse!!!

  3. Allright!!! You did great!

    Yes, I knew the dryer had fuses. We found out after ours went dead one day. Zip called the repair man and after a $50 service charge to replace a fuse, my usually fairly mechanical husband was left feeling rather sheepish.
    The dryer has stopped once since then ad we now know to check the fuses first.

  4. You go super-fix-it-chick!
    Had no knowledge those beasties had fuses - but then I've been line drying forEVER, lol. Even in winter. Yes I am nuts.
    But one day if/when my body says H*ll NO! to the line drying
    I will know to check fuses times two on my then new dryer when it craps out - self repair happiness, thanks to you :-)

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  6. PS yes they DO listen! OR they chat with each other. OR the aliens tell them when we have any extra cash, roflmao.... But by whatever means they always know. They also have little calendars which indicate only weekends and holidays (grin)

  7. Kim, that is cute... Can they hear us? Of course they can hear us. That's why things break in threes. They have friends and they are in cahoot with each others. This time they loose...

    Smart woman... thanks for the big secret about dryers having 2 fuses. Now I know. This blogger friend thanks you.

    PS. I had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixing and didn't go out because I had to work all afternoon and didn't even got to work in that flower bed. It will never get done...

    Hugs, JB

  8. Great!! It always feels so go to fix something yourself.

  9. I am totally impressed that you could fix that. I hope you have had a nice day today. I thought about you.

  10. Shhhhhh....its the one footed aliens in the dryer that are at fault. The ones that take your socks.

    Keep the door to the laundry room shut so that can't hear you. lol

    I've never had a dryer breakdown. I will try to remember the fuse thing. :)

    Good job my dear.

    Take care, Janet W

  11. Hello Kim, I'm impressed, way to go girl!!!! So proud of you, we are women, hear us roar!!!!!!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Blessings Francine.

  12. LOL, That's telling 'em! Good for you!

  13. I can only imagine what that must feel like since it never happens to me! I always get the stupid bill thing..I swear my appliances have a suicide pact! My favorite is when the appliance man comes and says it's too late, they are dead so you need a new one. That will be $80 for call.

  14. maybe i should have had you come look at my furnace!! 256.00 later... enjoy your evening

  15. You go girl, my hat is off to you...I see a new pair of boots in your future!

  16. My dryer looks like the same as yours. I am warning it that you won and mine better not mess with me! ;-)

  17. HI Kim, I hope everything is going ok for you. I have moved back to Canada YAY!! Not quite NS but I am in BC, Still close to the kids left in Washington but back under the Maple Leaf and Happy to be home. I have found a group of Rug Hookers here so your lavender sachet will soon not be the only hooking other than my own that I have seen. I am excited to meet (in Person) other rug hookers and see their work. I am really looking forward to touching it and looking at the underside of the work as I think I am still hooking too tightly. Anyway thanks for sending me the sachet it was wonderful to see another person's work. I always read your blog but I rarely comment but today I just wanted to say hello and share my good news!! Have a great day.