Tuesday, June 19, 2012

From head to toe

It won't take you long to realize I had difficulty coming up with a fascinating blog post tonight.  So instead you get this one.

My pal Robin (AKA The Cranky Crow) asked how my new fella was doing.  I introduced him here.  He is doing wonderful and I think it is almost time I suggest he needs a little haircut.  What do you think?

Speaking of haircuts - I am having a bit of a bang issue.  I painstakingly grew out my bangs last year and last week in a particularly bad hair day, I had them significantly trimmed.  Now they are just long enough to hang in my eyes, yet just too short to tuck behind my ears.  Now that is frustrating! 

Since this post is titled head to toe I should tell you the other stupid thing I did.  Last night I decided instead of a pricey professional pedicure, I would just re-paint my toes with that hot red nail polish.  I was in a hurry and in a poorly lit room.  This morning, in the stark light of day, it looks like the ends of my toes got caught in a meat grinder.  Seriously!  Might need to splurge on the pro pedicure after all. 

For those of you who suffered to the end of this post, I appreciate it :)   I'll do better next time!


  1. Love the toe nail story...yes as we get older the more light we need. This has happened to me too.

  2. Noooooooooo,not cutting the bangs after finally growing them out?!?!

  3. Seems like a rough time - he has a Mohawk! sandie

  4. You are so funny, that is the way my toes look all the time, I just paint and then it gets on the ends of my toes. Then of course, I don't notice until I am out somewhere. I hope if people look they just think it is toenails.
    Man bummer on the bangs. It would drive me nuts. I try to let mine grow out all of time, then I just hack them off.
    Your man looks great with hair, he might need to go get a hair cut too.
    Glad you updated, I needed a laugh. :)

  5. WOW.....I think he looks amazingly YOUNGER!!! So much for the bald guy thing!! Let it grow....let it GROW!!! He's got some serious charisma going on!!! ;o) As for the nail polish thing....Just take a nice terry cloth towel RIGHT after you shower, and that "excess" will rub right off....(Experience can talk....and, hey - I was brave enough to post my toes sans primping of any kind....what WAS I thinking???....Oh, that's right....ice cream....) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Rogaine....ooops....I mean Robin.....

  6. I get crazy sometimes in between hair cuts and cut my own bangs. Big mistake,Lol HUgs Cheri

  7. Hi Kim,what a funny toe nail painting story, your to cute.I to cut my own bangs,turn out o.k.,they cut them way tooo short,aarrgg.Blessings Francine.

  8. Hi Kim, it's been a while since I commented, I'm still very busy... Your new boyfriend is just an adorable good looking guy. I think that he's real cool with his green hair. You with your red toenails and him with his green hair are heading into a great summer romance.
    Hugs, JB

  9. Kim ~
    Thanks for the laughs!
    Hugs :)

  10. Oh my, your new fella is a real looker! My feet were in the sand today, and I kept them in the sand as my toes were such a sorry sight! Hugs to all, Julie.

  11. I always think that a person should wait 3 days before making any decisions that are big...like getting a hair cut. I never wait but I do think it's a good idea!

  12. Hi Kim...Your fella has more hair than mine. LOL

    What a cutie. :)

    Have a FUNderful day my friend.

    Take care, Janet W

  13. He looks like he is scared of your toes :0)

  14. I'm with you on the self-pedicures. I can't see well enough to do them now and I'm afraid of what my husband might do. I have bang hell too...wish I could just grow them out, but that would be worse.

  15. My bangs are long too, but I just curl them back and use hairspray - and it looks kinda cute! Sorry about your toes - next time get an assistant! (or go to a salon!) tee hee!

  16. Honey your fella does need a trim. lol
    If I did my toes like you it would be worse than a meat grinder look. Even as short as I am it's still to hard to do my toes. I told Kaci she needs to live closer to her grandma so she could do them for me. I wish you could of seen the look on her face for that one. haha
    Hope you get your toes done and have a awesome weekend
    Love ya

  17. ~GRIN~
    Love the nail story! I need to actually buy new nail polish...it might help make my poor old feet more presentable!