Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why I hate to bake

I LOVE to cook, but I HATE to bake. However my judgement must have been clouded today with all this Valentine's Day talk (or else I hit my head while sleeping and woke up with a concussion or something).
I woke early and decided to bake a double layer chocolate cake with boiled icing as a surprise for tonights supper. The two cake pans were filled and in the oven by 7:30am and when I took them out a little later they looked fabulous. Was the baking curse over? Had I finally figured out all the little tricks? Wouldn't everyone be pleased and surprised when I presented this cake??
Ahhhhhh, wait - too easy! When it was time to remove the cakes from the pans and onto the cooling racks......they wouldn't come out! Arrrgh New non stick pans plus I sprayed them with a little PAM. So I shook them a little.
WELL, they came out all CHUNKS! OK now I'm seriously ticked off. But what would any great cook do in this situation???

I hid it in the pantry. If nobody sees it, did it really happen?? HAHA I'm feeling better now, even a little smug!

So after a great roast chicken and veg supper I retreated to the pantry to bring out dessert. Chocolate cake pieces, with ice cream on top and drizzled with caramel sauce. THEY LOVED IT! And nobody was the wiser! "Oh just a little dessert I saw on the internet!" (Shhhhh...)

In between the baking and cooking I hooked more on the Old Rose Chairpad. I will have a picture for my next post.

Oh, by the way, this is my 99th post. Hmmm I wonder if I should do something special for my 100th? Stay tuned!



  1. Happy to hear you fooled them with your great dessert. I've had the same results with whole wheat bread, but caramel sauce would not have help I don't think.

  2. Too funny Kim! I'm filing that idea away for future use should I ever decide to bake again! Cathy G