Saturday, February 13, 2010


This is the total raised last night at our little fundraiser. Not a bad total at all! So that brings the total for 2 years combined of over $8,000 donated to our local hospital in memory of a dear friend Tim.
His family and friends sponsor this fun night. What many people who attend don't understand is that we totally sponsor this event. Every penny that is donated through ticket sales, food sales and auction is all given to the charity. Our little group donates ALL the food, pays the rental for the venue, ALL expenses. I think this just goes to show the character of the man we honor.
He was the BEST!



  1. That's pretty amazing! What an honor to your friend! Cathy G

  2. Good Show Kim I was wondering how much you would getting this year. I think this event will get bigger and bigger each year.

    So how did the bids on your rug go?

  3. Oh yeah.....I forgot to put that in the post. Blossoms and Butterflies sold for $75 - not bad for a little rug. I'll have to hook a bigger one next year!