Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Rug - Day 2

I stopped in to Momz Wool after lunch for some color advice and another few minutes of cutting on Nancy's Townsend cutter. Did I mention how amazing that machine is?
Corinne was dyeing some great new colors and her Mom was there so I had some great resources for color and pattern advice. Stupid me ran out the door without bring my rug with me (DUH!!) so we were kind of winging it. But I did take a couple of color choices home to try out. Its great having them 5 minutes away, because if these pieces don't work, I can swap them.

After the unpleasant chore of grocery shopping (I swear they move stuff around so you can't find it) I got home and started hooking the first butterfly. I chose the Monarch butterfly and he will be the largest of the butterfly motif. Below is the photo (google) I used to visualize.

And this is what I ended up with........
I'm pleased with how it turned out. I used a #3 cut. Wow - tiny. Tonight (hopefully) I will add a few other smaller, less detailed butterflies in yellows, blues, and purples.
I still haven't decided how I want to go with the background. Any suggestions???? Please.....


  1. Kim, great job on the monarch.
    I was telling the girls at hooking Friday how you had seen the paper towel and took it from there to creat this great piece. We all agreed you can find inspiration in the most amazing places.


  2. The butterfly is perfect! Sometimes, you have to bite the bullet and use the smaller cuts.

  3. Your butterfly is great! Makes me think of warm sunny days....instead of the cold temps we are having today.
    I am eager to see this rug develop.

  4. Hi Kim,
    Nice soft colors on the Monarch! Are you thinking kind of a realistic background in blues(sky) or something totally different? When it is for someone else I guess you have to keep their tastes in mind! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Cathy G

  5. Quite nice, Kim..I bet this will turn out to be a beauty....

  6. This is turning out beuutifully! Can't wait to check in again on your progress. I dream of hooking a blossoming light-hearted!

  7. You nailed the color on the butterfly totally! thanks for the compliaments, Mom and I had a busy day with people coming in going. Your an easy visit as you know 90% what you want before you get here.

  8. Kim, your butterfly looks wonderful. In a very small way, I am glad Corinne doesn't live around the corner from me, or I would be there everyday!!

  9. Your butterfly is beautiful! Wow! a number 3 cut, that is tiny. I've never used a cut that small ~ you do wonderful work! BTW ~ that doggie in your banner is soooooooo cute!