Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hello Arthur

Tropical Storm Arthur has introduced himself. (Not that anyone really wanted to meet him)

Overall he hasn't been as nasty as predicted.  A little rain all day and is just now getting heavier.  The winds picked up speed a few hours ago.  I see the occasional tree branch blow down the street. I hear a few town trees are down but none so far in my neighborhood.  And although the power has flickered a few times, we still have power.  The news is reporting over 140,000 customers are without power in the province so I am counting my blessings not to be one of them.  (yet!)

Not much to do but batten down the hatches, sit tight and ride it out.  I've been knitting my way through the day.

I hope everyone else in the storms path stays safe.


  1. I wondered how it is going. It sounded by the weather pages you guys were being pounded. I hope you get to keep your power.
    I do hope the winds don't get as powerful as they have said.
    I am thinking about you.

  2. Your knitting looks good! Stay safe!

  3. Electricity is good. I would have made a lousy pioneer.
    Stay safe!!!
    Hugs :)

  4. Kim, I hope you stay safe during the storm. Hang on to that tiny Millie when she has to go out!
    I'll be thinking of you and hoping that the storm passes quickly and without too much damage.

  5. I send along my wishes for your safety during the storm! xo

  6. So happy it turned out not to be as bad as they predicted. xo Laura

  7. Take care Kim! No hooking?

  8. I wondered how you were getting on when I saw the path on the weather channel....hope all is well for you and Millie!

  9. Stay safe! I hope your power stayed on... that yarn you are knitting with is so pretty! Love the soft blues and browns!

  10. Hi Kim, my laptop ran out of battery juice last night after I read your blog. I couldn't even say Hi.

    So glad you were spared. We have lots of trees down and branches everywhere here and a huge mess to clean up. Still without power except a small generator for the basic like keeping the food cool and lights.

    The water is only a trickle from our tap. I sure miss having running water. I saved some in a pot and hopefully it will last till we get our power back. Yesterday was a very l-o-n-g day...

    I've started raking the millions of leaves and branches off the front lawn and hauling the branches across the road for my husband to cut up into fire wood.

    He's napping right now and I came in to brew myself a cup of coffee in the microwave and filtered it in my mug. Not bad at all.

    Will post some photos of the remnants of Arthur soon.

  11. He had no interest in meeting us here, as he prefers the coast apparently. No complaints! Glad you had a few pieces of yarn you could work with! ;)

  12. Hi Kim just catching up. We met him also at wells not much there either.
    you need to do the yard sale and redo furniture it will be less expensive and you can find so really great things that some paint makes it amazing.

  13. I'm so glad you weren't in harm's way. My daughter in Massachusetts said the same thing: heavy rain, big winds, but no damage. Dodged the bullet!

  14. I need to watch the weather channel I had no idea there was bad weather. Hugs cheri