Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meet my new blogging buddy

I would like you to meet "Pinky" - My Christmas present to myself. A new Mini 10 inch laptop. Sooooo cute! Of course, this is a completely frivolous and un-neccesary purchase. Aren't those the BEST KIND??
And I figure, if you are buying something frivilous - it should be in a fun and funky color. What's more fun than bright pink??

Its so tiny and compact, you can slip it in your purse. It even has a web cam built in. I thought I would test it out tonight with a blog post. Working fabulous.
Merry Christmas to me!!!


  1. It's super cute! Congratulations on your new toy ;-)

  2. Oh, too cute! Merry Christmas Kim! Will you be posting video? Cathy G

  3. Merry Christmas, love your gift and pink too.

  4. How cute is that? I just started saving for a new laptop myself. I need one with major storage on it though. For some reason I keep filling them up! Not too computer saavy~that's why. I'm sure I have lots of stuff I don't need, but I don't KNOW what I don't need! LOL