Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My first "practice" runner

I figured that since the main reason I wanted to start a blog was related to rug hooking, I should probably do a post featuring a rug!
Since I an relatively new to the craft I don't have a vast assortment completed to show you. But this runner was last winter's project. I wanted to try something a little bigger than my usual and try my hand at shading. Not a bad effort for a newbie, I think.
My friends at Momz Wool dyed the wool for me. The main flowers are a 6 color swatch of sunflowery golds with rose swatches for the centers. I wanted to take away some of the blandness from the centre so I experimented with a watermark type of effect. All in all it was a good practice experience.


  1. Lovely job...what kind of frame do you use if any?

  2. When I started this hobby I didn't want to invest alot of money in case I didn't like it, so I bought an inexpensive basic lap frame from Deanne Fitzpatrick, with carpet tack along the edges. It works fine HOWEVER, I am thinking of upgrading and will show the surprise in a future post. (when the surprise arrives in the mail)

  3. A really pretty rug. I like the simplicity of it and love how you have the soft background with the other flowers that are just a bit darker. I think the shading on your flowers is superb!
    Where are you at in Nova Scotia....we are headed that way in just over a week.

  4. Amherst, the first town when you cross the border from New Brunswick. If you have never been to N.S. before I am sure you will LOVE it. I only hope the weather improves for your visit. We have had not-so-great weather so far this summer.